Kamal who acted in the same building in 10 films .. Confused fans

Kamal Haasan is known for putting many villains in a single film on the screen. It can even be said that there are no evils that he did not put next to Shivaji. He has adopted so many different characters and has acted in so many films.

Michael Madan Kamarajan is a movie starring Kamal Haasan in 4 different genres at a time when double films were popular. In that film he will speak in four ways as befits each character.

Starting with that film, he has amazed us by appearing in many different appearances in many films like Alavanthan, Dasavathaaram, Uthamavillan. Is it believable to say that such a Kamal has acted in many films in the same building?

But that is the truth. The 1986 film starring Kamal and Ambika, I am also a worker. Kamal has acted in almost 10 films as he looks in this movie. So when watching those movies there is confusion for many people not knowing the difference that this is any movie.

The main reason for that was that I also had a problem with a working film and that film dragged on shooting for four years. During that time Kamal became a comedian to act in many films.

That’s why he got the look and acted in many movies. In that sense Kamal would have acted in the same look in all the movies like Khakis, Guru, That One Minute. The news that Kamal, who is known for his many villains, has acted in many films with the same look is new news to many.

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