Kamal who hooks up to big heroes .. is the main decision he will take after Rajini

No one can compensate for the performance of world leader Kamal Haasan. In this situation, Kamal Haasan became a full-time politician during the last election. He started a party called the People’s Justice Center and continued to campaign and attend public meetings. Thus Kamal was unable to attend the filming and none of his pictures were released.

But politics did not lend itself to Kamal as much as expected. After retiring from politics for a while, he is back in full swing in cinema. Vikram, who has been dormant for a few years, has now completed the film. The film is set to release in June this year.

In this situation, Kamal is currently planning to act in several films in a row and produce the film through his Rajkamal company. Rajkamal has also produced the Vikram film starring Kamal Haasan.

Following this, Kamal is producing a bilingual film in Tamil and Telugu starring Sivakarthikeyan. In this situation a lot of directors have been telling the story to come and meet Kamala and make his films.

Kamal Haasan wants to direct Vijay’s movie which is currently the king of collections in Tamil cinema. Similarly, the news that Kamal has produced the 67th film Commander has come out from credible sources. Following this, Kamal Haasan is planning to make a series of films with big names like Surya and Ajith.

He has been involved in trying to make films of great actors with the aim of somehow making up for what he lost in politics in cinema. Kamal is currently working on it in full swing. Kollywood sources say that just like how Rajini left politics, Kamal will also step down in a few days.

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