Kangana Ranaut’s revelation, said – ‘touched in the wrong way in childhood’

Mumbai (Bureau) – Referring to child abuse and sex abuse, actress Kangana Ranaut recalled her experience and said that as a child she was “wrongly touched” by a young man in her hometown of Himachal Pradesh.

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Kangana mentioned the incident on the reality show ‘Lock Up’. He is the host of this program. Earlier in the program, contestant and comedian Munawar Farooqi revealed that he was sexually abused by his relatives when he was 6 years old and this continued till he was 11 years old.

On this, Kangana said that she too had to be touched in a wrong way in her childhood. In her hometown, when she was very young, a boy, a few years older than her, touched her in the wrong way, but Kangana did not know what that meant.

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Every child has to go through this kind of experience. It doesn’t matter how vigilant their family is about their safety.

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