Karthi who fell in the trash in one dosa .. is proud to have found something big treasure

Karthi is currently busy acting in the movie Viruman. His last film, Sultan, did not do well but managed to keep up with the money.

Following that, the shooting of some more films including Sardar and Ponni’s Selvan is in full swing. In this situation Karthi has been very active on social websites lately.

On his Twitter page, he has been sharing a lot of interesting information with the fans. He also shared information about the main meal. This is exactly what the fans are talking about right now.

That means Karthi is very proud of the dosa available at Woodlands Drive in Theater. I have eaten dosa in many places. But I have never seen anywhere else like the dosa available here.

He is very happy to say that I went there for many days for this dosa and repented. He is also proud to say that he has now found a dosa similar to this one.

He is happy to say that he has finally found a dosa similar to that one at the Asoka Hotel in Egmore. He shared this thing with Altic as if he had discovered something great treasure on his Twitter page.

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