Karunas refuses to act with Simran .. you don’t know this overa!

Karunas is a comedian who entered the Tamil film industry and is now a politician. He has acted in comedy roles in many films and has also acted as a hero in a few films.

In that sense, the movie Dindigul Sarathi starring him was well received by the fans. The film was directed by Shiva Shanmugan and starred actress Karthika opposite Karunas.

According to the story, the film is about a husband who is suspicious of his beautiful wife and the problems that arise from it. Initially, the production company had decided to cast actress Simran in the film opposite Karunas.

But Karunas, on hearing this, flatly denied that it was possible. He also said that if Simran had acted in the film, the film would not have run. It was then that actress Karthika was chosen for the character.

Currently Karunas is clarifying why I told Simran not to act in the film. It is enough to just give me a little cute heroine who is actually very rough. People would be boiled over if I were paired with big heroines like Simran instead.

I told Simran not to play that character because the film shouldn’t either. Accordingly my prediction was correct. Karunas has said that the Dindigul Sarathi movie was also a terrific hit as I expected.

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