With a lot set throughout the Skywalker age, fans were pleased to find out that the Star Wars series The Acolyte would be set throughout the High Republic age 100 years prior to the occasions of The Phantom Threat.

Leslye Headland (Russian Doll) is set as the writer and showrunner of the eight-episode series of The Acolyte. Headland explained in an interview with Vanity Fair that the series will be a secret thriller set prior to war and empires damaged the galaxy. Headland explains the duration as a little a Renaissance duration, prior to Jedi ended up being warrior monks, in brand-new outfits with brand-new intentions. Set prior to The Phantom Threat, Headland discussed the series would take a look at how the galaxy ended up being what it became by the time Anakin and his midichlorians appeared on Tatooine.


For those knowledgeable about the ages prior to the Skywalker legend, the High Republic falls right in between what is referred to as the Old Republic (about 800 years pre-Skywalker) and The Phantom Threat. The High Republic presently has a series of books and comics set throughout the time, appropriately entitled Star Wars: The High Republic. Jedi, at the height of their order, take on versus the Nihil, a group defined to be like area Vikings. The books and comics in this series are broken down into 3 stages, with each stage including books, comics, audio stories, and short stories.

The stories of the Disney Star Wars age have actually frequently stuck near the reliable Skywalker Legend, regardless of criticism and the desire for more range. Colliders Maggie Lovitt spoke to Kathleen Kennedy, the existing president of Lucasfilm, about the capacity of The Acolyte series. Kennedy stated:

“We actually were intrigued with that because if that show works, then it really gives us an opportunity to expand on that. And thats whats so great about television because it gives us sort of this larger playground for experimenting.”

Could this indicate that if The Acolyte achieves success we will see more stories embeded in timelines that have absolutely nothing to do with the Skywalker Legend? It looks like the series is a base test, an experiment for what may can be found in the future.

Presently, there is really unknown about the cast or other information of The Acolyte series. The series, still casting and almost composed, stars Amandla Stenberg in an unnamed lead function. Maybe eagle-eyed fans will have the ability to rely on the composed stories to obtain what may be coming for the Disney+ series.

There is presently no release date for The Acolyte.