Netflix will provide a story surrounding among the world’s most harmful, yet under-talked-about cult leaders, Warren Jeffs. Keep Sugary Food: Hope and Comply With will pull the drape back on the man who got the torch from his daddy, Rulon Jeffs, and continued a terrible spin-off of the Mormon religious beliefs. Hearing firsthand from individuals it impacted the most, consisting of members of the cult and women who were required to wed throughout their teenage years, a trailer for the upcoming documentary series guarantees to inform Jeffs’ story as its never ever been informed prior to.

Pulling the basis for his religious beliefs from Mormon beliefs, Rulon Jeffs aka Uncle Rulon, started his own Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1986. Throughout his time as the church’s president, Jeffs would restore the guidelines of polygamy that a lot of Mormons brushed aside years earlier. Among his marital relationships would offer him his boy, Warren, who would take control of the church after Rulon passed in 2002. Upon Warren’s takeover, he preached the exact same messages as his daddy, continuing the custom of weding many women and fathering an inconceivable quantity of kids.


Understood by his fans as the one real prophet, the trailer for Keep Sugary Food: Hope and Comply With reveals Jeffs’ increase to the top as he follows in his daddy’s steps for overall power and supremacy. Taking audiences action by step through what they were raised to think, those spoken with in the documentary will leave no stone unturned as they explain the world they matured in. Utilizing cult-like mindsets such as panic and scapegoating to keep his fans near him, the documentary will follow the unfolding insanity and mayhem that caused Jeffs’ supreme arrest. The definitely bonkers part is that Jeffs still has a variety of fans who have actually bound themselves to him, continuing to applaud him while he’s restricted behind jail bars.

The series is helmed by Emmy and Peabody Acclaimed filmmaker, Rachel Dretzin (Who Eliminated Malcolm X, Hope & Fury: MLK, the Motion and the Media) with Grace McNally co-directing and producing. Executive manufacturers consist of Dretzin, Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann, Miura Kite, Zachary Herrmann, and Alison Dammann.

As somebody who’s consumed with true-crime and cult-centered books, podcasts, and documentaries, Keep Sugary Food: Hope and Comply With appears like it will completely provide and after that some. Providing the voices back to the victims and permitting them to inform their stories coupled with an incredible tale about one man’s ridiculous ego that caused life-destroying effects is the makings of a knowledgeable and wholehearted production. Take a look at the complete trailer listed below and mark June 8 on your calendar to log into Netflix and watch Keep Sugary Food: Hope and Comply With.