Keerthi Suresh, Selvaragavan, who is taking revenge in the bloodbath .. How can there be sand paper?

Recently, actress Keerthi Suresh has been playing a number of different roles. The most anticipated film of his acting in that genre was the sand paper film. The fact that Selvarajavan, who impressed us as a director, is acting in this film for the first time, has aroused a curiosity among the fans.

The film is a collaboration between Keerthi Suresh and Selvaragavan and is released on Amazon Prime. Directed by Arun Matheswaran, the film focuses on the caste issue and the revenge film. The story takes place in the town of Paradesapattinam in the late seventies.

According to the story, Keerthi Suresh’s husband, who belongs to the lower caste, works in the rice mill of the upper caste. Keerthi Suresh’s husband, as usual, opposes and humiliates the bourgeoisie. Thus they gang rape Keerthi Suresh to get revenge on him.

Besides, Keerthi Suresh’s husband and child die tragically as the hut was set on fire. The story of this film is about how Keerthi Suresh along with his brother Selvaragavan takes revenge on those who ruined their family like this. Selvaragavan, who has been like an adversary without talking to his sister since childhood, joins hands with his sister through this incident.

The revenge film between the two of them from there is pretty horrible. Three-quarters of the scenes are occupied by scenes such as stabbing, murder, and gunshots. The positive thing about it is that Keerthi Suresh’s great performance. His acting prowess in many places amazes us. The scene is terrifyingly intimidating as he tells Selvaraja how to kill him.

Apart from this, the director has completed the film without spending a fortune on the fact that he is a rich man drinking beedi throughout the film. And in many places they have over-acted in the name of acting aggressively. It also has nothing to do with the title and story of the film. We will know only if the director explains this.

A female lawyer defends her enemies because it is a caste-centric film. Before killing and burning him, Keerthi wrote on a piece of paper that he wanted revenge on those who had destroyed his family, and wrote down the names of the four fugitives and their whereabouts. They say that crumpled paper is just sandpaper.

Also some of the scenes shown in the teaser never make it into the film. The scene of a woman being sexually harassed to get revenge on someone has been shown in our Tamil cinema for a long time. It is a bit embarrassing for the director to have that rule in this film as well.

The director has shown the aggression and frenzy of Karna brutally taking revenge on a woman who is a total victim. The bad words that come in many places are not to be admired. Thus the highly anticipated sandpaper is currently in the range of approx.

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