Keerthi Suresh who hit the lead actor in the face .. Do you know what happened after that

Keerthi Suresh

Keerthi Suresh is one of the leading actresses in South Indian cinema in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Sarkaru Wari Patta is a Telugu film currently starring him. The film stars Keerthi opposite Mahesh Babu.

The trailer of the film was released yesterday and has been well received among the fans.

Keerthi scoring in the face of Mahesh Babu

Meanwhile, during the filming of the movie, actress Keerthi Suresh accidentally hit actor Mahesh Babu in the face.

In a recent interview, Keerthi said that while acting in one of the scenes, it happened suddenly without my knowledge.

Keerthi then apologized to Mahesh Babu. To which Mahesh Babu generously said, ‘So nothing, it just happened unknowingly’.

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