Kerry Katona Car Stolen: British Singer Breaks Down In Tears And Reveals Her ‘CAR STOLEN’


Kerry Katona Car Stolen: British Singer Breaks Down In Tears And Reveals Her ‘CAR STOLEN‘: It has been revealed by Kerry Katona that her car has been stolen, she went out shopping with two of her children in Oldham on Thursday, the TV personality is at the age of 41, she tearfully took to her Instagram stories shortly after the incident in order to slam the person who stole her car and she has appealed to the fans to call the police if they spot it. Follow More Update On

Kerry Katona Car Stolen

Kerry has also shared the video on her grid, in the video, it seems like she is chasing the thieves down the street after realizing that her Range Rover had been stolen, she was filming herself in a JD Sports store at the Elk Mill shopping park, Kerry fought back tears as she told how her keys had been lifted from her pocket as she popped inside in order to do further shopping with her daughters Heidi who is at the age of 14 and 7 yeard old DJ.

She stated, ‘My car has been stolen I’m in Oldham, I’m with Heidi and my daughter DJ. It’s a private reg with Katona. ‘If anyone sees it please phone the police, it’s got all Christmas presents in the back. It’s got a Louis Vuitton bag in the back, it’s got iPads in the back. So, if anybody finds it, please, please, ring the police.’

Kerry Katona Reveals Her ‘CAR STOLEN’

She was raging at the robbers at the time, she ranted, ‘Absolute b****rds who have done it, we come to do some shopping with the kids. We rang the police, I’m stranded. the lovely people in the shop are being so nice. ‘It’s a private reg with Katona, and it’s blue. Did you see me run after him? I just chased him… ‘So, if anybody finds it or sees it, everyone knows my car. It’s an SVR, it’s blue with a reg plate of KA17ONA.’

She has also shared an image of her blue SUV with a personalized number plate to her Instagram as she appealed to everyone to contact the police if they see it, she later took to her Instagram in order to assure fans that she and her children are perfectly ok but she is “shook up’ by the ordeal.

There are going to be further details on the story in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further revelations as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the story.

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