Kgf 2-Chem Collection which shows Beast stumbling in Chennai collection

The box office hunt for KGf 2 starring Vijay’s Beast and Yash is underway in South Indian cinema. In which Yash KGf 2 movie Padu Masa is charging big everywhere.

Chennai Collection

Seeing that Vijay’s Beast movie in Chennai is doing well, Kgf 2 is a bit behind the movie reviews.

Theaters are increasing to Kgf 2 as the number of theaters showing Beast is declining.

Full collection details of the film

At the end of 6 days in Chennai, Vijay’s Beast movie was released for just Rs. 36 lakh to collect Kgf 2 on the 5th day in Chennai for Rs. 62 lakhs.

The total Kgf 2 in Chennai is Rs. 3.61 crore.

Those who have made a profit by keeping Vijay films should not talk like this- Celebrity in favor of the actor

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