Kgf 2- Chennai and Tamil Nadu collections in competition with Vijay and Ajith films

Vijay’s Beast is the last big actor’s film to be released in Tamil. The film was directed by Nelson and co-starred Vijay-Pooja Hetch for the first time to be produced by Sun Pictures.

The film did not do as well as expected, so the collection was a hit. But Kgf 2 is on a collection hunt to be a puck in the story.

Chennai and Tamil Nadu collections

Around the world in the last few days before Rs. The film has reached 1000 crores, so the film crew also cut the cake.

Currently, the Chennai and Tamil Nadu collections of the film so far have been released. Kgf 2 in Chennai so far Rs. With a gross of Rs 8.99 crore, Vijay and Ajith are in competition for film records.

Similarly in Tamil Nadu the film is priced at Rs. 85 crore.

The film will soon be released in Chennai for Rs. It is said that more than Rs 10 crore will reach Rs 100 crore in Tamil Nadu.

காத்து வாக்குல ரெண்டு காதல் படம் தமிழக வசுல் விவரம்- இத்தனை கோடியா?

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