Kgf 2- day-to-day camel collection hunt that broke the lifetime collection record of Bhagwati film

Bagupali is a 2015 Malayalam film directed by SS Rajamouli.

Stunning scenes, the director kept Barbora as Asara as a twist in the film. The film was dubbed and released in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

பாகுபலி Vs Kgf 2

Yash starrer Kgf 2 is currently the highest grossing film in Indian cinema.

To increase the collection of the film day by day, the total film so far Rs. It is said to have collected over Rs 700 crore.

Thus, Rs. It is learned that KGF 2 has broken the lifetime collection record of the first part of Bhagwati which has collected over Rs 650 crore.

Kgf 2- Full Collection Details of Vijay’s Beast Image Collection in USA

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