KGF 2 hits Beast movie in Tamil Nadu! Shocking collection situation ..

Beast VS KGF 2

Beast is a recently released film directed by Nelson and starring Tamil cinema’s top star Commander Vijay.

The Beast movie, which was released with great anticipation, received a lot of mixed reviews.

Thus, KGF 2, which was released the day after its release, received great support from the fans.

And till now both the films have been getting good response among the people in Tamil Nadu.

Shocking collection situation

In addition, theaters and shows for KGF 2 have been expanded.

In this situation, information has been released about the collection status of these two films in Tamil Nadu yesterday. Accordingly, the Beast movie was priced at Rs. Has grossed up to Rs 13 crore and the KGF 2 movie has grossed Rs. Has collected up to Rs 10 crore.

Is this the reason for Beast’s failure? Implicitly said famous producer

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