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Kgf 2 image collection earlier than Yash-Beast occupying Vijay’s fortress Chennai

Vijay’s Beast was released on April 13 amid great anticipation. Another film released the next day is Yash starrer Kgf 2.

Kgf 2 is the only Himalayan blockbuster film to be believed by cinema circles to be the biggest blockbuster for Beast.

Beast Vs Kgf 2

The Kgf 2 movie has grossed over Rs. 1000 crore, but the Beast totaled Rs. 210 crore.

In Tamil Nadu, Rs. The film is on the top list parallel to the films of leading actors to gross over Rs 100 crore.

Currently in Chennai for 30 days Vijay’s Beast is priced at Rs. 10.32 crore and Yash starrer Kgf 2 at Rs. 10. 37 crore.

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