KGF 2 movie actor who is the villain for Vijay! Unexpected information ..

Next up is the busy actor Vijay

Vijay, the rising star of Tamil cinema, starred in the recently released film Beast.

The highly anticipated Beast movie received mixed reviews. Thus it can be said that the Beast movie failed to make big collections.

Meanwhile, following this film, Commander Vijay is acting in Commander 66 directed by Vamsi and the shooting of the film is in full swing at present.

KGF film actor in Commander 67

In this case, before the end of Commander 66 movie, information about Commander 67 movie is spreading on the internet. Accordingly, Lokesh Kanagaraj will reprise his role in the film and the master crew will reunite for the film.

It has also been reported that the shooting of the film Commander 67 will start from October 3. It has also been reported that talks are underway to cast Sanjay Dutt as the villain in the film.

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