KGF 2 record after Bhagwati – Didn’t Vijay and Ajith even make films?

KGF is a Kannada film directed by Prakash Neil and starring Yash. Following the success of the first part of the film, the crew took over the second part.

The film was released on April 14 amid great anticipation around the world.

Collections made by KGF 2

The film became the 2nd highest grossing film of the first weekend worldwide.

So far the film has grossed Rs. It has been officially reported that it has collected Rs 550 crore.

Beyond the Beast in Chennai, KGF 2 movie is running in more theaters.

Achievement made by KGF 2

S.S. Bhagwati, directed by Rajamouli, did a lot of screening. So on the first Mondays of the week there were all sorts of special shows in many theaters for the Bhagwati film.

So now there is a special show for KGF 2 movie on Mondays after Bhagwati movie. There will be special shows on weekdays after Bhagwati for this film.

Gautam himself, the owner of the hit theater, posted this information on Twitter.

Is Vijay’s Beast movie so low in Tamil Nadu in 5 days?

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