Vijay’s Beast and Yash’s KGF 2 were released on April 13 and 14 in Tamil Nadu.

Vijay’s Beast is backtracking as both are seen splashing at the box office because people are of the opinion that the storyline of the film is not right.

But the film crew did not see it all, and the film did well under the name of Vijay. Recently, actor Vijay invited all the film crew to a party. Those photos went viral on social media yesterday.

On the other hand, actor Yash Badu has praised all those who worked with him on the film at the film’s success ceremony following his huge success.

USA Collections

In Tamil Nadu, Vijay has been hunting for film collections to some extent, but not abroad. It has been 14 days since the release of the film and within that time Vijay’s Beast movie collections abroad have gone underground.

KGF 2, which was released the next day, is conducting a camel collection hunt.

Here are the details of the films collected abroad only yesterday,

  • KGF Chapter2 – $ 57,300
  • Jersey – $ 12,400

  • RRRMovie – $ 3,600

  • Beast – $ 650

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