KGF 2 who slandered Bhagwati in seven days .. Rajamavuli

KGF2, starring Rocking Star Yash and directed by Prashant Neil, is enjoying astounding success worldwide on the 14th. For this, the Beast screen of Commander Vijay is being gradually reduced.

Cinema critics had already predicted that the film would gross over Rs 130 crore as soon as possible as it had grossed over Rs 130 crore on the first day of its release.

In fact, the KGF2 movie has reportedly grossed Rs 676.80 crore in the last 7 days alone. Thus, the KGF2 box office record has already been surpassed by the Rajamouli-directed Bhagwati Part 1.

In other words, the KGF2 movie has surpassed the total collection made by the release of Bhagwati in just seven days. So KGF2, which has made a comeback in the film industry, has been well received by the fans and is rocking the bar to compete with Commander Vijay’s Beast in the theater.

Therefore, many screen celebrities have extended their congratulations to the KGF2 crew, which is currently being talked about virally on social media.

Not only that but if you watch KGF2 movie it is a story like KGF3 coming, of course KGF3 is coming so fans are eagerly waiting for it from now on.

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