KGF Chapter 2: 19-year-old editor How did this honesty come about?

After a long wait KGF Chapter 2 came to the front of the audience. Formed as Yash Hero under the direction of Prashant Neil, the action entertainer is getting an amazing response from critics as well as the audience. The film had huge openings worldwide. Everyone is enjoying Yash’s amazing performance, movie screenplay, action episodes, director Prashant Neil taking. In addition, the technical team that worked on the film was praised by critics and the general public. Especially the editing department టర్ The editor who worked for this film has now become a hot topic in Tollywood.


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The fact that KGF Chapter 2 editing was done by 19-year-old Ujjwal Kulkarni has taken even the most talented technicians by surprise. Needless to say, KGF is a huge project. It is unbelievable that a 19 year old boy could have done such a wonderful editing for such a project. But the same is true దర్శకుడు believing in the work and talent of this young and talented young director Prashant Neil put all the editing of “KGF-2” in Ujjwal’s hands. The boy also edited the movie with the same confidence and impressed Prashant Neil. Now he is receiving praise from celebrities in the industry.


But how did Prashant Neil get this sincerity?… Ujjwal is an editor of short films and fan made videos. Prashant Neil, who was fed up with seeing them, was given the opportunity to edit in KGF 2. He took advantage of the opportunity that came his way and proved himself to be a skilled technician at the first chance. It seems that Ujjwal is currently working on two more projects.

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