KGF Chapter 2: Rakhi Bhai Violence… Behind the Heroes!

Rakhi Bhai Violence has started in theaters. That effect is obvious. The blockbuster response to KGF Chapter 2 has become a headache for short films. Some of the heroes, who have already confirmed the release of the film, are now backtracking at the sight of Rakhi Bhai dusting off at the box office. Makers are currently reluctant to release movies.

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In recent times a tsunami of big movies has started across the country. Due to big films like Radhe Shyam, RRR, theaters could not find time for the release of low-budget films for days last month. Even films like Standup Rahul, Mission Impossible and Gani, which dared to come forward amidst this pan-India fever, did not do well at the box office. Now KGF Chapter 2 continues that mania. Films set for release next week are being postponed as the storm created by the film is unlikely to subside now. Films like Nagashourya’s “Krishna Vrinda Vihari” and Vishwak Sen’s “Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam” are scheduled for release on April 22 but have been postponed.

Although there is a gap of one week between KGF2 for the release of these two short films, distributors feel that it is a very small gap. It will definitely take another two to three weeks for the KGF Chapter 2 effect to fade at the box office. And then we have to see the situation of the movies coming into the theaters.

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