Kgf starring Yash is airing on TV- Do you know when?

Beast is a movie that is expected to be a blockbuster in Tamil cinema. But the film did not run that far, rather than say a loss in many places.

It is rumored in the cinema circles that the film is still running under the name of Vijay.

Kgf 2, another film released during this release, starring Kannada cinema hero Yash, has been well received by the people and is doing well.

Kgf on TV

For those who have not seen the first part, there is a good chance that people will celebrate the 2nd part of the film in the theater. That means the first part of Kgf will be telecast on Colors Tamil TV next Sunday at 4.30 pm.

This is considered a good opportunity for the fans who want to watch the second part without watching the first part.

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