KGF2 box office record in 11 days! Inaccessible collections

The KGF2 movie was released the day after the Beast movie was released. Beast received negative reviews, and KGF2 received a good response.

11 day record

KGF2 continues to do well, especially at the Hindi box office. At present, it has collected Rs 300 crore in 11 days in Hindi alone.

This is what the fans are celebrating. The Hindi cinema community is amazed to see that South Indian cinema has amassed so much revenue.

The days when KGF2 (Hindi) took the major milestone in collection ..

₹ 100 cr: Day 2

₹ 150 cr: Day 4

₹ 200 cr: Day 5

₹ 225 cr: Day 6

₹ 250 cr: Day 7

₹ 275 cr: Day 9

₹ 300 cr: Day 11

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