KGF2 to be released on ODT site

Directed by renowned director Prashant Neil and starring Yash, the film was released on April 14. KGF2 was made on a much bigger budget than the first part and the fan support for the film was overwhelming.

Based on that, the film is currently grossing over Rs 1,000 crore. Also, KGF2, which has achieved many successes at the box office, is seen as a credit to Indian cinema.

Yash’s performance as Rocky Boy in the film has been praised by many and fans are demanding that the next part of the film be launched soon. To that extent they have an impact on this film.

It has been reported that the film is currently out on the ODT site. The production management involved in the work is said to have sold the OTD rights to a reputed company for a large sum.

In that line, KGF2’s OTD rights have been sold for about Rs 320 crore. No other film has ever sold for so many crores. This is the news that is currently being talked about on the screen.

The film will be released in five languages ​​- Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam – from May 27. Amazon Prime had already bought the first part of this. It is expected that Amazon will capture this second part as well.

However, the production company has not yet released the official information. However, a source said that Zee Network is also interested in buying the film. So the fans want the production company to release the answer to these confusions as soon as possible.

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