Khiladi Day 11 Box Office Collection: Ravi Teja Starrer Struggling At The Box Office


Ravi Teja’s film Khiladi, normally is known as Mass Maharaja, has been increasingly extra popular week after week. The film’s field keep of enterprise has been continuously declining. The film got a negative response from critics as successfully. The film had a mixed response from the viewers. The film is now anticipated to frightful between ₹24 and ₹25 crores.

Khiladi Day 11 Box Recount of work Sequence (Accumulate)

Fri Day 1 (Feb 11) ₹6.75 Cr
Sat Day 2 (Feb 12) ₹3.63 Cr 
Sun Day 3 (Feb 13) ₹2.94 Cr
Mon Day 4 (Feb 14) ₹1.52 Cr 
Tue Day 5 (Feb 15) ₹1.41 Cr 
Wed Day 6 (Feb 16) ₹1.21 Cr (approx.)
Thu Day 7 (Feb 17) ₹0.72 Cr (approx.)
Fri Day 8 (Feb 18) ₹0.60 Cr (approx)
Sat Day 9 (Feb 19) ₹0.80 Cr (approx)
Sun Day 10 (Feb 20) ₹0.52 Cr (approx)
Mon Day 11 (Feb 21) ₹0.40 Cr (approx)
Total   ₹20.10 Cr (approx

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The age of pan-India films has commenced. Within the kind of case, the filmmakers are additionally releasing films in Hindi. However, Khiladi’s team did no longer market the film sufficiently sometime of the Hindi belt to supply it prominence. Actor Ravi Teja additionally did no longer promote the picture in Hindi, hence the Hindi-language theatres remained vacant. On the opposite hand, for Pushpa, a broad crowd of Hindi moviegoers had assembled within the theatres. 

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