Khiladi Day 12 Box Office Collection: Ravi Teja’s Action-Flick Slowing Down


Week after week, Ravi Teja’s movie Khiladi, also identified as Mass Maharaja, has grown in standing. The theatrical performance for the movie has been step by step falling. Critics also had a miserable response to the movie. The team had a blended reception to the actioner. The movie is now anticipated to kill between ₹22 and ₹23 crores. 

Khiladi Day 12 Field Office Sequence (Web)

Fri Day 1 (Feb 11) ₹6.75 Cr
Sat Day 2 (Feb 12) ₹3.63 Cr 
Sun Day 3 (Feb 13) ₹2.94 Cr
Mon Day 4 (Feb 14) ₹1.52 Cr 
Tue Day 5 (Feb 15) ₹1.41 Cr 
Wed Day 6 (Feb 16) ₹1.21 Cr (approx.)
Thu Day 7 (Feb 17) ₹0.72 Cr (approx.)
Fri Day 8 (Feb 18) ₹0.60 Cr (approx)
Sat Day 9 (Feb 19) ₹0.80 Cr (approx)
Sun Day 10 (Feb 20) ₹0.52 Cr (approx)
Mon Day 11 (Feb 21) ₹0.40 Cr (approx)
Tue Day 12 (Feb 22) ₹0.35 Cr (approx)
Total   ₹20.45 Cr (approx

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The generation of pan-India cinema has begun. The directors are also releasing movies in Hindi in this distress. Then again, Khiladi’s crew didn’t sufficiently market the image in each place in the Hindi belt to present it standing. Actor Ravi Teja also didn’t promote the movie in Hindi, therefore the Hindi-language theatres were empty. For Pushpa, on the replacement side, a mountainous audience of Hindi moviegoers had gathered on the theatres.

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