Kim Woo-bin to make long-awaited comeback with Netflix sci-fi drama Black Knight


Uncontrollably Fond principal particular person Kim Woo-bin, Beyond Defective actor Kang You-seok and Taxi Driver actor E Som are teaming up for a brand contemporary Netflix series titled Sad Knight.

Cho Ui-seok, simplest identified for his 2013 investigative thriller film Chilly Eyes, will hiss the demonstrate for the streaming huge. Based mostly on the favored webtoon of the identical title by Lee Yoon-gyun, Sad Knight is determined in an air polluted world in 2071, where of us rely upon respirator masks to breathe. “Easiest one percent of the human flee has survived, and a strict social stratification has been established in the deserted lands of the Korean Peninsula. Supply drivers play a truly principal role inner this diagram, and for refugees, turning into a provide driver is their most bright hope for survival.

“Amid chaos, Sad Knight tells the myth of a legendary provide driver ‘5-8’ with outstanding battle abilities and a refugee ‘Sawol’ who wishes of following in his footsteps,” reads the logline of the series released by Netflix.

Kim, also identified for the hit Good ample-drama Inheritors, will play the role of the legendary provide driver “5-8”.

The series marks a reunion for Kim and Cho submit their 2016 thriller film Master. Kim will also be viewed in the tvN drama Our Blues. Kang will play Sawol, a refugee boy and an admirer of “5-8” who wishes of turning into a provide driver.

E Som will principal particular person as Seolah, a navy officer at the Defense Intelligence Show. Seolah saves Sawol’s lifestyles and cares for him cherish her family.

Sad Knight shall be released to audiences worldwide most bright on Netflix.

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