‘King of Disco’ Bappi Lahiri discovered the genre with Stayin Alive: ‘I knew I had to bring it to India’


Bappi Lahiri mute a differ of songs for the period of the 1970s however it surely used to be his dance numbers of the disco genre that gave him an edge in Hindi movies. The disco wave that reached its height within the 1980s with Disco Dancer started within the gradual 1970s as Bappi learned inspiration for the same for the period of one of his US trips.

In a chat with Salim Service provider and Vishal-Shekhar on the musical reality notify Cases of Tune, Bappi Lahiri used to be asked referring to the title of ‘King of Pop’ that had been given to him by Indian fans. Bappi recalled his preliminary introduction with disco within the chat.

“There could be a myth within the back of this. I had visited the US for the predominant time and used to be in a club in Chicago. There were no DJs at the time however there used to be a man who used to be playing files within the club. The music ‘Stayin Alive’ from Saturday Night Fever used to be playing,” Bappi Da recalled.

When Bappi asked him about it, the man pointed at the file and called it a disc, after which pointed spherical and mentioned, “Here is disco. We call it disco.” This struck with Bappi Da. “That used to be the 2d I knew I had to lift it to India,” he mentioned.

The first disco number that Bappi Lahiri mute used to be for the 1979 film Surakksha called ‘Mausam Hai Gaane Ka.’ The music used to be picturised on Mithun Chakraborty and used to be a extensive hit. This hit paved the model for the surge of disco in India.

Bappi Lahiri passed away at the age of 69 in Mumbai on Tuesday. His funeral will seemingly be held on Thursday.

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