Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Arcel are as soon as again signing up with forces to bring the world another Danish historic drama, under the working title King’s Land. The 2, who formerly collaborated on A Royal Affair, will be informing a brand-new story surrounding a well-known Danish risk-taker called Ludvig Kahlen, who will be played by Mikkelsen.

King’s Land will be embeded in the mid-1700s and will take audiences on a journey along with Kahlen on his mission for wealth and a reliable name. Throughout that time, Danish King Frederick V revealed that a wild and rowdy part of land referred to as Jutland Heath would be level playing field for anybody who wanted to claim it. The King hoped that people would flock there in order to start farming and constructing towns, hence bringing the crown more cash in taxes. Nevertheless, there was one issue: the heath was understood for being an unsafe and unforgiving piece of land. Not just was it a place where wolves strolled, however outlaws patrolled the back road, all set to extremely rob anybody who crossed their courses. Then there was Kahlen. In 1755, Kahlen, who was a Danish soldier, set course for the heath prepared to expend his blood, sweat, and tears on taming the untamable land, understanding that his journey would either bring him riches and magnificence or totally ruin him.


Based Upon the 2020 successful Danish book, The Captain and Ann Barbara by Ida Jessen, the function is being composed by Anders Thomas (Riders Of Justice) and Arcel. Production is considering a September 5 start date with recording occurring in Denmark, Germany, and the Czech Republic – offering the function stunning backgrounds for its story. King’s Land is being produced by Zentropa and is heading to the worldwide market by means of TrustNordisk.

As earlier mentioned, Mikkelsen and Arcel interacted on A Royal Affair, a historic drama that focused around the Danish royal household. In it, Mikkelsen starred opposite Alicia Vikander and Mikkel Følsgaard in the function which would snatch elections at that year’s Academy Awards and Golden World Awards for Best Foreign Language Movie.

Delighted about the chance to be dealing with his filmmaker buddy once again, Mikkelsen stated of his reunion with Arcel:

Nikolaj Arcel and I had a stunning partnership throughout A Royal Affair and I am beyond delighted to be dealing with him as soon as again. He has a breathtaking vision for the movie and he and Anders Thomas have actually penned a fantastic script. Its cruelty and inflammation deeply moved me when I initially read it. It’s an essential and interesting chapter in Danish history about to be adjusted for the screen and bring subjects still appropriate to this really day.

If the last time Mikkelsen and Arcel collaborated is any sign, audiences remain in for another well-crafted, historic piece that will shine its light on what it implies to be human. Since today, no authorities release date has actually been set, however remain tuned to Collider for additional information.