Komban Muthiah who knocked Kamal down to calm him down .. Laddu who fell on the lap of the waiter

Kamal was to star in a film to be directed by Komban Muthiah under the Rajkamal banner. But due to Kamal’s age they were unable to do certain things in the film and signed Arya in the film. Because the salary asked by Kamal for this film is 15 crores. So this is where the problem between them came from.

Arya then left Arya Muthiah Rajkamal Films to tell Arya Muthiah that he can see another producer who does not want Kamal banner for this film. He did not listen to Kamal Muthiah as much as he could.

Now another production company has said OK to this film. The drumstick production company that took the picture of the elephant is getting ready to take this picture. As soon as possible Komban Muthiah, Arya movie is ready.

Already the drumstick production company was waiting for the big pictures. Now it looks like Laddu in the movie Komban Muthiah. When he first told the story to Kamal, Kamal liked the story very much.

But no matter how much Kamal was persuaded he listened to Arya’s word and escaped. Drumstick production company Komban Muthiah is all set to make a super hit film and wait to collect at the box office.

Kamal, on the other hand, repeatedly tries to convince Komban Muthiah that the film has a good storyline. But Komban Muthiah, who did not like him, surrendered to the drumstick production company.

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