Komi Can’t Interact Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Discussed

In the seventh episode of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate ‘season 2, titled ‘It’s simply a misconception, It’s simply a hallucination, It’s simply a narcissist, and It’s simply a group choice for the school journey,’ the program follows the titular lead character who is dealing with the reality the Najimi might have seen her holding Tadano’s hand. The following day at school, Naruse Shisuto attempts to technique and talk with Komi however in some way keeps getting come by his schoolmates for some factor. Here’s whatever you require to understand about the ending of ‘Komi Can’t Interact ‘season 2 episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Komi Can’t Interact Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

When Komi go back to her home after assisting Tadano, she is bothered by the concept that Najimi might have seen her holding his hands. The reality that Tadano was asleep makes the entire situation a lot more humiliating for the titular lead character, who does not understand what to make from the scenario. She composes a long letter in which she mentions Najimi that they must not translate the hand holding romantically.

Nevertheless, composing does not truly assist with the humiliation. Even when she attempts to inform herself that holding hands is not a big offer, Komi concludes that irrespective of what others believe, it is rather significant for her. She invests the remainder of the night attempting to compose another letter that describes the scenario much better. The following day when she will put the letter in Najimi’s locker, they get to the incorrect time and snatches it far from Komi’s hands.

When Najimi checks out the letter, it just states that she was simply examining Tadano’s pulse, which puzzles them as they did not believe much of the occurrence or possibly never ever even saw it. On the other hand, Tadano fulfills Komi and exchanges greetings. Nevertheless, the idea that the titular lead character never ever visited his home the previous day and he was simply hallucinating approaches in his mind, and he starts to stress. Tadano has actually simply thanked Komi for assisting him, which according to him, would appear weird if it never ever took place.

Fortunately, when he asks Najimi what their buddy was doing the other day, they clarify that she was simply examining his pulse. Tadano feels relieved that he was not hallucinating, and Komi did visit her the previous day. On The Other Hand, Naruse Shisuto, who is a narcissist, feels amazed by Komi and concludes that she is the only individual in his school similar to his appearances. For that reason, he chooses to technique and end up being good friends with her.

Nevertheless, when he goes to her seat to state hi, he is actually pressed back and obstructed by other trainees collected around the titular lead character. Shisuto feels that it needs to be simply a coincidence, so when Komi goes outside the class, he chooses to follow her. That’s when Yamai approaches him from behind and whispers that she understands what he prepares to do and attempts to demotivate him from considering it.

As if this was okay enough, he continues to get disturbed and obstructed from approaching Komi by the rest of his schoolmates. Nevertheless, when Komi recognizes that he has actually dropped his scarf, she returns it to him. Shisuto feels great once again, and after school, he approaches her to exchange numbers by providing her his phone. Komi does not comprehend what he is attempting to state and winds up escaping after stressing.

Komi Can’t Interact Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: What Issues Komi About the School Journey?

Komi’s class instructor reveals that they will go on a school journey quickly, so everybody must select a group on their own. After school, Najimi, Tadano, and Komi sit together to talk about the exact same. Najimi enjoys Kyoto, so she can’t stop discussing going there once again. On the other hand, Tadano notifications that Komi is lost in her ideas and attempts to ask her viewpoint. It quickly ends up being apparent that something is troubling her.

As the 2 good friends stroll back home the exact same day, Tadano attempts to ask his buddy what’s been on her mind the entire day. At first, Komi lies that whatever is all right. Nevertheless, she later on admits that when the junior high journey was being talked about a couple of year years back, and the instructor asked the trainees to select a group, she was left alone.

The reality that nobody approached her truly injured Komi, and even when he signed up with a group, she was unsure if others desired her or not. The memories are still fresh for her, so Tadano assures her that she now has Najimi and him. The following day when the instructor asks the trainee who they want to select for their group, everybody yells Komi’s name.

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