Konosuba Season 3 : Everything you need to know in 2021

Konosuba Season 3 : Everything you need to know in 2021

Konosuba Season 2

The anime industry has a ton of Isekai anime to back them up. And when I say a ton, I mean ‘A TON ‘.

But amongst this massive list of Isekai series that seems to have no end at all, there is the presence of certain anime that rise the ranks effortlessly.

Rising Of The Shield Hero, Re: Zero, Sword Art Online, Slime Isekai are some of the many examples of otherworldly shows that have made a name for themselves even in this overly saturated genre.

And amongst those names stands KonoSuba or Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo!, a parody and satire of the Isekai genre itself.

This anime made a name for itself right off the bat thanks to its unconventional approach and comical nature.

It was appreciated by fans all around the globe and became one of the most popular Isekai series of all time.

So much success for an Isekai series might seem unusual at first but if you have watched it, you know that the anime is worthy of all this.

And being a fan of the series, I know that you want to learn about the 3rd season of the franchise.

Well, I am here to save the day. In this article, you will get the most comprehensive understanding of KonoSuba Season 3 and its possible screening.

Release date, official announcements, sales, speculations, you name it and we have it. So all my KonoSuba stans, grab your best girl body pillows as you learn about the third season of KonoSuba.

But before we start our discussion about Season 3 let’s take a quick glimpse of what we have as ‘KonoSuba ‘ right now!

Everything We Know So Far About KonoSuba

Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo is a 10 episode long TV anime that aired back in 2016.

It is an anime adaptation of a light novel series of the same name. The light novel was written by Akatsuki Natsume and illustrated by Mishima Kurone.

Mishima Kurone has previously performed the art for Mangetsu no Jinrou to Hangetsu no Vampire and Akatsuki Natsume is the creator of Sentouin Hakenshimasu!

The first season of the anime was directed by Kanasaki Takaomi and animated by Studio DEEN.

Takaomi also portrayed his directorial performance on shows like School Rumble Ni Gakki and Tokyo Ravens.

On the other hand, Studio DEEN has been responsible for anime like Sakamoto Desu Ga? and Log Horizon.

In other words, creators of KonoSuba have worked on other similar projects as well which gives them more credibility.

Now let’s revise the synopsis real quick. A shut-in NEET named Kazuma Sato was going to a store to buy a new game.

However, on his way home after buying the game, he felt that he saw one of his classmates about to get hit by a truck.

Instinctively, Kazuma jumps and pushes the girl to save her and dies in the process.

However, it turns out that the vehicle was not a truck but a tractor and Kazuma didn’t die of being crushed.

Instead, he died because of the shock that his mind gave him since he ASSUMED that he got crushed.

Oh yeah, parody right there. Now, my man gets teleported to the afterlife and garbs an opportunity to live a new one.

A Goddess named Aqua offers him a chance of being reborn in a new world.

All he has to do is perform the task of slaying the Devil King and for that, he will be given any strong weapon he asks for.

However, Kazuma uses his 900 IQ, and instead of asking for a weapon, he asks for the Goddess herself.

Now Aqua and Kazuma get teleported to this new world where they have to try their best to blend in and survive as they attempt to kill the Devil King.

But even surviving is hard in this world considering that you have to counter all of those price tags for every single thing.

Meeting an arch wizard and crusader on his journey, Kazuma and Aqua now have a party that takes odd quests to fill their tummy as well as pockets.

How will this satirical journey of our Isekai protagonist go in this harsh and cruel world?

Now as most of you guys already know, KonoSuba is amazing. Oh Yeah! But what’s even more amazing is its humorous and taunting tone that challenges the stereotypes to their limits.

This was the biggest selling point of the series and paved the way for this anime to make a name for itself.

KonoSuba has 2 seasons with an OVA each and a movie. The second season of the series had a pretty similar staff to the first one.

However, the movie was made by a different group. As stated earlier, KonoSuba season 1 was animated by Studio DEEN but J.C. Staff took the responsibility for the movie with a different team. So that’s all we know about KonoSuba for now.

With the foundation done, it is time to move ahead and learn about something new.

Are there any official announcements about KonoSuba Season 3? If not, then what’s the progress?

Would we ever have a sequel in the first place? And many more such questions would be answered in this article.

Let’s go!

Official Announcements And Release Date Of KonoSuba Season 3

As of the time I am writing this, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding the release date of KonoSuba season 3 or any installment for that matter.

But don’t get your hopes down! Wait, I have some great news for you. Don’t you dare leave!

So yeah, the good news is, Kadokawa business producer Junichiro Tamura was part of a Reddit AMA.

The event was organized mainly to promote Rising Of The Shield Hero but fans didn’t miss the opportunity to ask him about the third season of their favorite KonoSuba.

And his answer to that was quite positive. He said, “KonoSuba Season 3 has a good chance if the movie does well.”   That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the release of KonoSuba is not an issue if the movie performs well.

And this is coming from someone that stands within the money-making section of the industry so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

However, this is definitely a positive notion considering that the KonoSuba movie is the highest-rated installment offered by the KonoSuba franchise.

So overall, there hasn’t been any “Official Announcement”  yet but an official did in fact, show a green flag for the production of the series.

So now we have to begin our speculation and understand all the possible factors that can result in a sequel.

Starting with the source material.

More Source Material Information On KonoSuba Season 3

KonoSuba is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Akatsuki Natsume and illustrated by Mishima Kurone.

There are 17 completed volumes of this franchise and yeah, they are COMPLETED! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the KonoSuba light novel officially concluded in 2020.

There’s a definite climax to the franchise and that climax can be experienced only by consuming light novels for now.

If you have been researching information about anime and its sequels then you know that this is huge.

The conclusion to any franchise means that the absence of source material can be a reason for no sequel.

But is that the case with KonoSuba? Let’s find out. So as we all know, KonoSuba has 2 seasons (with an OVA each), and a movie under its title.

So how much content did the anime adapt concerning the light novel? Well, in the case of KonoSuba season 1, it adapted the first 2 volumes of the light novel.

Later on, the second season adapted the next 2 volumes. Those being volumes 3 and 4.

And then comes the movie which adapted Volume 5 of the light novel. So at the moment, the anime has only adapted 5 out of the 17 volumes available.

In other words, the franchise has plenty of source material to make another season. Considering the speed at which the anime adapts these light novels, there can be 6 more seasons of this series.

That’s right MORE seasons. This is because, for every individual 12-episode-long season, the anime adapted 2 volumes and 1 volume for the movie.

So all my KonoSuba fans who were wondering whether the series has enough source material, well your answer is a big “YES!”.

Under normal circumstances, KonoSuba shouldn’t run out of content to adapt at all. No worries about that.

So if the source material is not the issue then why isn’t the anime out yet?

Is it not popular enough? Well, let’s have a look

Popularity Information Of KonoSuba Season 3

As you guys know, popularity is important. And this fact is even more prevalent in the anime medium.

Therefore, a series is bound to be treated well if it performs well. KonoSuba is a series that we both loved and enjoyed.

But are you and I the only ones who care about this anime? Or are there other KonoSuba stands that we haven’t encountered?

Let’s find out. So to judge the popularity of this series, we are going to use 3 simple metrics.

Google Trend, Twitter pages, and Search Numbers. Let’s take a brief look at all of them, shall we?

Google Trends

Konosuba season 2 google trend

So Google trends are the benchmark for understanding the consistency of searches about an anime.

Think about it in this way, consistent searches mean that the anime has been a talk of the town irrespective of a secondary element like release date or something else.

If searches seem inconsistent then that means that the searches are heavily influenced by some of the other reasons.

So what do Google trends say about KonoSuba? Alright, so we can see that KonoSuba has been in Google searches a lot now and pretty consistently with that.

There are a few highs and lows on the way but overall, the searches remain within the limits of 50-75.

It peaked from 5th to 11th July. So it’s safe to say that Google Trends is showing an optimistic indication towards the KonoSuba anime.

But what about Twitter though? Let’s have a look.


Official twitter account konosuba

Twitter is one of the most influential platforms for the home industry. This is because many anime creators or people associated with the anime industry are available on it.

A green flag on Twitter would be massive because that would be pure motivation for the creators.

So how’s it going for KonoSuba on Twitter? The Official Twitter account of KonoSuba anime has over 200k followers!

That’s a lot of damage! These many followers basically mean that fans who watched the anime took their time to follow it on Twitter for the long run.

It also goes to show that such a massive number of people wish to stay in touch with this series for the sake of a sequel or something along those lines.

So yeah, Twitter showed us the green flag that we need for our beloved anime.

And the final metric that will give us an idea of KonoSuba’s popularity, Google Searches.

Search In US, UK

searches for konosuba season 3

Google Searches are directly proportional to popularity. More popularity means more searches. Less popularity means fewer searches.

So how many searches does KonoSuba get? The answer is a lot. And I mean A HELL LOT!

The anime gets over 140k searches around the globe every month. That’s right, the third season of this anime gets so many searches and there is not even an announcement yet.

This goes to show how insanely popular this anime is and how much fans crave for its sequel.

So yeah, it’s more than enough data to say that KonoSuba is getting appreciation from all of its followers and this appreciation and popularity can be seen on platforms like Twitter and Google.

Looking at all this data would make you feel like the next season is bound to happen.

And that feeling wouldn’t be completely incorrect. So if the next season did take place, what would be the plot for the series?

Where would the story go in the next part? Let’s find out!

Expected Plot Of KonoSuba Season 3

So now we are going to speculate about the storyline of KonoSuba Season 3 based on our previous knowledge.

As we all know, the series is mainly focused on the adventures and hardships of Kazuma and his squad as they try to become strong.

The core intention and final goal is the defeat of the Devil King. I mean, that’s the prime objective of Kazuma and his squad in the first place.

So we can expect the upcoming season to have more of our ‘Kazuma and his squad’ defeating those Devil King generals and their struggles while doing so.

The story can also take unexpected turns for any character within the squad like Darkness getting a marriage invitation or Megumin retreating to her village.

Anything can take place in the next season. But we do know one thing for sure, anything that happens in KonoSuba brings a lot of joy and laughter with it.

So without a doubt, the next season is bound to perform well with its new storyline filled with mystery and fun.

Not to mention, the romantic relationship between Kazuma and Megumin that was seeded back in the movie can also take a new shape in the sequel.

It would be adorable to watch our squad explore more of their massive world and find new enemies, friends, and possibly love interests.

So yeah, ladies and gentlemen, KonoSuba season 3 will be filled with more adventure, fun, and thrill.

I know you want to watch it ASAP. Me too! But are we both the only ones who want to enjoy KonoSuba season 3?

Or maybe the online anime community has their say on this new part? Let’s find out.

Online Reactions To KonoSuba Season 3

Now is our time to take a look at Online Reactions to KonoSuba Season 3 and its release.

This information would not only help us to know how popular KonoSuba is but also give us a perspective of fans around the globe.

Their opinion, thoughts, speculations will all be covered in this section of online reactions. But which platforms do we seek for if we wish to explore the behind-the-screen fans of KonoSuba?

Well, I have selected 3 platforms that can help us out here. Those 3 platforms are Twitter, Reddit, and Quora.

Let’s take a look at all of them individually.


twitter reaction over konosuba

As stated before, Twitter is an incredible platform for any anime fan to hang around as many anime creators are present on it.

Therefore, many anime fans do maintain their presence on Twitter and give their opinions on their favorite anime and manga.

Keeping that in mind, Twitter would be a great place to see what fans have to say about KonoSuba season 3.

It seems like our KonoSuba brethren on Twitter are craving for KonoSuba so much that every passing season hurts them.

Since no official news has been placed forward, the fandom seems to be losing hope and starts to believe that the anime would never return.

Don’t worry my fellow KonoSuba stans, we have to persevere a bit more for our best girl.

We can do that, can’t we?! Overall, the anime fans over on Twitter are very concerned about this anime and its 3rd season.

They want it so much but the lack of announcements develops doubt in their minds.

Nevertheless, they still hold a positive perspective towards the series and that’s what we want.

Now let’s take a look at one other platform that can help us get a more vivid understanding of online KonoSuba fandom, Reddit.


reddit post over konosuba

Reddit is yet another online platform that has witnessed an abundance of anime fans over the past few years.

Heck, even Junichiro Tamura attended the AMA on Reddit. So we can be certain that reactions from this source will be worth considering.

Now, what do our Reddit brothers have to say about KonoSuba season 3? Subreddit r/konosuba has hundreds and thousands of fans expressing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas about the release of season 3.

Almost all of them hold a positive notion towards the series and claim that the series would most certainly get a sequel and their speculations are pretty similar to ours.

So after taking a look at all that KonoSuba fans have to say about its season 3 on Reddit, it is safe to say that the anime has a massive population backing them up.

These fans have faith and belief in their heart that the anime would gift them a season 3 soon and provide a logically optimistic look on the matter.

Amazing group of fans man, I appreciate their presence. Now, we have got green signals from KonoSuba fans on Twitter as well as Reddit.

For our final platform, we would be taking a look at the very popular Quora.


Quora, as it sounds, is a website that has a wide variety of questions and these questions also include doubts regarding anime and manga.

This is why many anime fans like to stay active on this platform to quench their never-ending thirst.

Therefore, information from this website can also help us get a general idea of how online fans of KonoSuba react to its 3rd part.

Let’s have a look. Just as you would expect, fans on Quora are craving for the sequel of KonoSuba as well.

However, unlike Reddit, certainty can’t be felt amongst these fans. This is mainly because of the absence of an announcement and logical speculation.

Very few users have come up with a definite reason or theory about KonoSuba’s next season and so we aren’t able to feel the complacency amongst Quora fans.

However, even if they aren’t certain, they are still positive as well as excited for the next part of our beloved anime.

You know, we are KonoSuba fans. Ain’t nobody making us sad. Overall, it can be easily said that fans over Reddit, Twitter, and Quora are not only excited but also have an optimistic attitude towards its release.

A great notion from the KonoSuba fandom. I appreciate it. But one question that may summon in your mind is ‘Why do we want a third season?’ Let’s try to answer this question as well.

Why Do We Want Another Season So Badly?

For a lot of anime fans out there, a second or third season isn’t something they crave for.

They are fine with not having a sequel or another installment from a specific franchise.

And by any chance, if you are one of those anime fans, then you might be wondering, why are KonoSuba fans crazy about the third season?

Well, to put an end to your curiosity, I have an answer for you. And that is, ” We Love Watching It!”.

That’s right! The biggest reason why KonoSuba fans want a second season so badly is because they absolutely love watching Kazuma and his squad in misery and extract fun out of it.

KonoSuba is a series that goes against the norms, stereotypes, and cliches. It gives us a satirical and comic experience of the Isekai genre which is rare on its own but also feels so fulfilling.

The Isekai world we think about is not as great as we assume it to be and KonoSuba performs the task of expressing and challenging this idea really well.

So for fans who watch anime for the sake of enjoyment, fun, and a completely new experience, KonoSuba is an amazing work of art.

No wonder it is so popular amongst the anime community. The third season is something that would give us the same or even better experience overall.

Therefore, we crave another season of KonoSuba so badly. I hope you have a general understanding now.

And it’s not just us KonoSuba fans who appreciate the series. This anime had gained wide recognition amongst casual and hardcore anime fans.

Do you want to know more about it? Alright!

Ratings And Reviews Won So Far By KonoSuba

For any anime to be successful, appreciation and positive reviews are extremely essential. No anime have we seen standing as a successful work in the medium without a whole bunch of people appreciating the hell out of it.

I mean, why do we even need to go that far, look at KonoSuba. You love it and wish to appreciate it right?

Well, you are not the only one. Now we are going to take a look at the reviews and ratings given by other fans who have watched KonoSuba.

If they are all positive, then the chance for a third season would also be positive.

So let’s have a look.


rating on imdb for konosuba

IMDb is one of the most popular websites in the world when it comes to the entertainment industry.

A great rating on this website would be drastic since it has millions of worldwide users.

So let’s take a look at the reviews for KonoSuba on this platform. So the series as well as the movie from KonoSuba have been bestowed with a great score of 7.9 each.

It goes to show that even casual anime watchers like this series a lot. We have our normie friends out there who aren’t THAT acquainted with the anime medium.

Therefore, KonoSuba can be a great introduction for them, and the ratings on IMDb prove that to us.

As far as reviews are considered, they are just what you would expect, A+. Which means Absolutely Positive.

Most of the users are appreciating the series for its mindless comedy that allows anyone to enjoy it with no problem.

It’s funny, satirical, and unconventional and that’s what makes it so good. So yeah, my anime fans over on IMDb appreciated this series with all their heart.

A positive indication without a doubt.


review on myanimelist for konosuba

Now let’s take a look at MyAnimeList, the home to online anime fandom. As most of you know, MAL is possibly the most popular anime website on the planet.

So any score on this platform would be a great metric to judge a series.

So let’s see what weebs over MAL have to say about KonoSuba. So the first season of KonoSuba is rated 8.14.

The second season is rated 8.30. And the movie is rated 8.50. As you can see, all of these mainstream installments have been blessed with a rating over 8.

I don’t think I need to say any more about these fantastic scores. The anime fandom loved this series with the same love they possess for the best girl.

As far as reviews are considered, yes, there are a few elitists who criticize it a bit but their number is low.

Most of the people who watched it loved it so much that they cannot help but give it a 10.

That’s how insane this series is. Overall, the ratings and reviews for KonoSuba are amazing and definitely add up to the possibility of a sequel.

No need to worry. Oh, by the way, this is just for trivia but KonoSuba won ‘The Best Isekai Anime Award’ during FUNIMATION’s Decade of Anime Awards.

Yeah, its popularity is no joke. So if the popularity and ratings are no joke, then why isn’t the next season out yet?

Are there any issues regarding sales or money? Let’s find out!

Profit And Sales Details Of KonoSuba

Now we are going to deal with the most important factor regarding anime sequels, Profit.

If an anime didn’t earn enough money, the possibility of a sequel is extremely low.

So an anime needs to make some cash in order to return to TVs with a new installment.

Let’s see what KonoSuba’s profit and sales have to say.

Light Novel

First, we will take a look at the sales of the source material of KonoSuba, its light novel.

If the light novel sales are high enough, it means that there’s a higher chance for the series to get another season.

So what do we have here? Well, the last volume of KonoSuba sold around 95k copies while the second last volume sold around 100k.

The per volume sales averages above 100k which means that the series is performing well.

I just wanted to remind you guys that light novel sales are lesser than manga sales because the number of light novel readers is much lower than that of Manga.

So 100k is a fantastic number. Overall, the light novel sales seem to show an optimistic notion towards the series.

No problem for them to make a sequel with these numbers.

Blu-ray/Dvd sales

Now let’s take a look at Bluray/DVD sales. These numbers are important because people STILL buy those even in this day and age.

Not to mention, discs are the most effective way to support the industry. So a high number of DVD sales means high profit for the makers.

Let’s take a look at the number of discs for KonoSuba. The first season of KonoSuba had around 12k copies sold.

On the other hand, we have the second season of KonoSuba which had around 11k copies sold.

It goes to show that a lot of people enjoyed the first season and also bought the second season.

This is huge because shows like Noragami weren’t able to pull it off and that caused it to not get another season.

Ohh so you want to know about Noragami Season 3 as well? Don’t you worry, just click here.

Coming back to KonoSuba, consistency in sales is pretty vibrant and that is an amazing feature.

So we can safely say that KonoSuba Bluray sales were fantastic. Oh yeah, and for people who think that these are not good numbers, I just want to remind you that you haven’t bought even a single Bluray in your life because you have better options right?

May be Netflix or Crunchyroll or some other OTT.

Similarly, people don’t tend to buy Bluray copies now and instead, stream it on Netflix or other platforms.

Keeping that in mind, these are some amazing numbers.


Now we have to take a look at Merchandise because they also contribute significantly to the anime industry.

So the merch offered by KonoSuba accounts for around 1150. The number of figurines is an incredible number of 110 with half of them being that of Megumin.

The other half consists of Aqua, Kazuma, and Darkness. You know, our gang of KonoSuba.

Looking at these numbers, we can easily say that even in Merch sales, KonoSuba has been doing fantastic and doesn’t seem to be held back for any reason.

Box Office Collection

The movie is extremely vital for the potential release of KonoSuba season 3 as discussed earlier.

Kadokawa business producer Junichiro Tamura has hinted that the success of the movie decides the fate of season 3.

So what do the numbers say? Well, let’s have a look. In terms of Box Office Collection, the movie earned around 710,000,000 yen which is almost 6,5 million dollars.

That’s a great number in itself. Moreover, the Blu-ray sales were over 20,000 which is higher than both seasons.

Although a few movies in the current era earn almost 10x more in terms of Box Office Collection, the KonoSuba movie still had a great performance that seems to be adding to the possibility of a sequel.

It’s not insane but still pretty good. Nothing to worry about too much. Around the board, the profit and sales of the KonoSuba franchise have been fantastic and adds up to the possibility of a third season.

It can be said that there shouldn’t be any problems in the making of KonoSuba Season 3 until something unexpected happens.

So yeah, KonoSuba fans, feel free to wait for the next installment. It’s highly likely to happen.

Famous Characters To Reappear In KonoSuba Season 3

Now as we are certain that KonoSuba should most likely get another season, what characters do you think would make a reappearance?

How many of our beloved characters would show up in the next part? Let’s find out.



I mean come on guys! He is the protagonist of the show. It’s obvious that he would reappear in season 3 and we would love to see him.

Kazuma is supposed to kill the Devil King so his presence is essential for the upcoming story.

Not to mention, he is the squad leader who makes the final decisions and commands the squad.

He is not only caring but has portrayed his intelligence and admiration for this new world.

We would love to see him do his idiocy back in season 3. His regret is hilarious.



Our Goddess is yet another character that shapes this series and her absence is unimaginable.

She isn’t going to go anywhere as she is locked in this fantasy world and the death of the Devil King decides her fate back to heaven.

Her hilarious and dumb nature brings the shine to the series and adds up to the overall quality of the series.

And did I mention that we must worship her? So yeah, we will be looking forward to more of Aqua and her stupid deeds.



For many of us, she is the best girl, and why not? The crimson demon is one of the most rational people in the squad but her explosion-loving nature fogs her judgments.

Her reappearance in the next season is essential because of her love bud that was planted in the movie.

The story can progress really well in that direction and to do so, they need to make sure that they bring our strongest magic-user back in the next season.

Rooting for her to fall for Kazuma.


The crusader seems to be seeking no limits to her masochistic pleasures and her ridiculous behavior gives a new personality to this series.

She is from a royal family yet her down-to-earth nature and rational decision-making (sometimes) make her a reliable friend.

Not to mention, her brute strength and love for physical abuse apparently, make her the ideal defender for our group.

Her return in the next season would enlighten the viewers and give them the comic experience that they need.

Wiz and Yunyun

These two waifus also have a noteworthy contribution to the series even after being sided characters.

They take their time to shine and stand straight in the limelight when the time comes.

They add in the finishing touch that the anime and its narrative need and their absence can be brutal to your overall experience.

Trust me, if they don’t show up in the next season, you are going to miss them.

A lot! So these are some of the famous characters that can make a reappearance in the third season of KonoSuba.

Of course, other characters can make their appearance as well and new characters could show up too.

Let’s wait and see what these characters do in the next season has to offer.

Other Decisive Factors for KonoSuba Season 3

I believe we have discussed almost every important aspect of KonoSuba now. However, I feel that there are 2 things we haven’t discussed yet.

Those being, ending of Season 2 and the controversy regarding KonoSuba. Although they might not seem crucial at first, these can actually influence the making of season 3 and so discussing them is crucial.

Let’s take a look at them.

Ending Of KonoSuba Season 2

The ending of a season is the opening for the next season. If the ending of KonoSuba season 2 doesn’t have that pathway that could be used as an opening, the composition of the next season would be a tough task.

So let’s revise the ending of KonoSuba season 2. The second season of KonoSuba ended with our squad returning from Alcanretia, the city where the Axis cult of Aqua resides.

Kazuma and his gang visited that place for hot springs but ended up killing all the hot springs themselves.

Oh yeah, 100% skill right there. They saved the hot springs from being toxic but Aqua over purified them which resulted in those hot springs transforming into just hot water.

Later on, they were thrown out of the town and never got the chance to experience those hot springs as calmly as they could.

After the ridiculous experience, our team headed back to their town and decided to celebrate a bit and relax in the process, and that marked the end of KonoSuba season 2.

It’s important to note that the movie also ended similarly. The difference was that instead of Aqua’s known locality, the squad went to Megumin’s known locality.

Megumin visited her hometown again because of a bluff and the squad got to know more about her and her family.

Yun Yun and Wiz also contributed significantly to this movie and our squad ended up killing another Devil King general.

They headed back to the adventurer’s guild and enjoyed themselves after defeating the general. They all celebrated their experience, looked back at it, and partied to their heart’s content.

And that gave a definite conclusion to the movie as well. Overall, the next season has plenty of room to show up and fit in without being uneven or incoherent.

So the ending of the KonoSuba franchise wouldn’t be an issue. Now let’s tackle the final factor, the controversy around KonoSuba.

Controversy Around KonoSuba

Controversy regarding any anime could be decisive since they are created by fans and have the strength to motivate/demotivate the creators.

Luckily, KonoSuba hasn’t been a part of any major controversy. Needless to say, it gets criticized or hatred but that is bound to happen irrespective of the anime.

It’s just human nature. However, one major topic of discussion about KonoSuba and the release of season 3 is the statement by Junichiro Tamura.

His hint to the fact that the KonoSuba movie decides the next season expresses that the success of the movie is crucial. 710,000,000 yen is a great number, however, in comparison to movies like Your Name, Spirited Away, and most importantly Demon Slayer, this number is shallow.

That’s the biggest problem here. What is Tamura’s definition of ‘Great Performance ‘ in the Box Office?

As a movie, the earnings are quite standard. They are not incredible but not bad at all.

So fans have been speculating if this performance is enough for the next season or not.

I mean it is a good collection but is it enough? That’s the big question and that’s the controversy as well.

For now, we can just hope that Tamura is satisfied with what the KonoSuba movie has made and feels inclined to make the next season.

If he isn’t then that would be detrimental for the franchise. As fans, we might think that such a massive number of Box Office Collection, is fantastic.

It can’t get any better. But from someone who is a part of the process, it’s a completely different understanding.

Maybe it’s a good number for them as well. Maybe it isn’t. We would never know because we weren’t a part of it.

Not to mention, the movie was animated by J. C. Staff so that is a decisive aspect as well.

Are they satisfied with its performance and how much did it cost? These are the questions that might start hidden from us all along.

But for now, all we can do is hope for the best!


Well, that’s about it, weebs! That is everything you need to know about KonoSuba Season 3 in 2021.

After discussing all the possible factors like popularity, sales, ratings, etc. I can confidently say that the series should most certainly get another season.

All of the important aspects are positive and the series seems to have no problem overall.

It would be more surprising if KonoSuba didn’t get its 3rd season because it doesn’t actually have a strong negative point.

Let’s hope for the best and wait! I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks a lot for reading it and until next time, Sayonara!

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