Lamenting producer Vishal .. who did the scolding step wherever he went

Wherever he goes Vishal controversy surrounds him. Vishal is staring blankly not knowing what to do as the issue surrounding the film is the problem, the issue surrounding the film.

Meanwhile, the actor is standing on one foot to win another election and build the association. With Vishal, director Adik Ravichandran has been saying that the Mark Antony film that was to be directed became a flop.

But the film did not become a flop. Vishal is going to take over through his own production company. Vishal plans to make this film an action thriller.

This aside the old producers have relied on him and put up a huge set for the film and lost. That alone has cost crores of rupees. Not only that, but many places have been booked for the shooting at a loss.

So the producer who was supposed to produce the Mark Antony film about Vishal is now cursing everything in the go. The producer is lamenting that Vishal is cheating people like us to spend.

This is how for the last few years there has been a conflict of opinion between the producers and Vishal of every film in which Vishal has acted, after which he himself has made it a habit to produce and direct films.

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