Laslia behaving indecently in a public place .. KS Ravikumar splashed and ran away

Many people have entered the silver screen as actors and actresses due to the popularity they got on the Big Boss show. Darshan and Laslia, both from Sri Lanka, are currently starring in Google Guttappa. The couple, who were brother and sister on the Big Boss show, have teamed up for the film.

Laslia began her journey as a news anchor and participated in the Big Boss show. In it, his Tamil and beauty impressed the fans a lot. Lassia starred in the Harbhajan Singh starrer Friends. Google Guttappa is currently out starring him.

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Google impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style. The reason for the success of this film is that everyone is talking about Laslia’s yoga and Darshan’s yoga in different ways.

The film stars director KS Ravikumar in the lead role. As always KS Ravikumar had his best performance in this film too. In this situation, the press meet of the movie Google Guttappa took place recently.

Laslia is too late for this. KS Ravikumar then asked why it was so late. Lazzia immediately gave him a hand and tried to hug him to deal with him. But Ravikumar scolded angrily as if he did not know there was a camera around.

This video is currently going viral on social media. And Laslia, who was initially a bit plump, has now become very skinny. It is worth noting that Laslia is currently starring in several films.

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