Launched by Attlee – Shah Rukh Khan Movie! League shooting spot photo

Aadli has announced that he will be teaming up with Shahrukh Khan after the filming of Bikil. But that film had not been launched for the past several years.

Shahrukh tweeted

Recently Shah Rukh Khan posted a post about Vijay’s Beast movie trailer. He said he saw that trailer along with Attlee. So it is certain that the Aadli-Shahrukh movie has not been dropped.

And the two have just been in the story discussion. So it was expected that the shooting would start soon.

Nayantara plays the heroine of this movie which is named as Lion. The video of him arriving at the airport to fly to Mumbai was also released yesterday.

Shooting spot photo

In this situation, Shah Rukh is starting to act in the movie Aadli today. A photo of him hiding his face with a scarf has been released.

He has long hair in another film Pathan starring Shahrukh. He is also starring in the film Audley in the same building.

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