Lawrence is the pinnacle of luck .. as the hero, the 2nd part of the superstar movie

Subsequent episodes of the films that gave the biggest hits at the box office will be shot. Lawrence took the second and third parts of the movie Kanzana, which gave Lawrence the biggest hit, and was even more successful. But Lawrence’s pictures have not gone big since then.

For this Lawrence has been asking good story from many directors. In this case, Lawrence starred in the second part of the popular super hit film. Lawrence is an ardent fan of superstar Rajinikanth. Like Rajini, Raghavendra is very devoted to God.

Chandramuki is a movie directed by P Vasu and starring Rajini, Prabhu, Jyotika and Nayanthara. The film ran for over a year and became a box office hit. P Vasu went down in full swing to shoot the second part of the film. But Rajini will not always want to act in the second part of the films he has acted in.

Rajini also acted in 2.o, the second part of Endhiran, because director Shankar wanted her to. In this case, Lawrence will be starring in the second part of the movie Chandramukhi. Details of who the other celebrities are starring in the film will be released soon.

The film is said to be produced by Sun Pictures. Also, director Vasu has prepared the story for Chandramuki 2. Lawrence is currently starring in several films. Thus the director is waiting for the film.

Lawrence has starred in Chandramukhi 2 with his finished hand. The crew plans to complete the shooting of the film as soon as possible within three months. In this situation, the fans are eagerly waiting for the second part of the movie Chandramuki, which has achieved many achievements.

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