Lesson taught by Nelson .. The new tactic that the commander is going to handle

The Beast movie starring Vijay, directed by Nelson, is currently facing unexpectedly negative reviews. No one would have expected Vijay fans to say that they can watch the film once.

This has come as a shock to the film crew, including Vijay. Vijay, who is also the director who gave the hit film, has finished the film with a bit of fun. But Vijay is very upset that Nelson did not keep his faith and got such bad reviews.

That is why even in the interview that the two attended, when Nelson asked how the film came to be, Vijay told Assault that he only knew who the film was when it came out. There is also an allegation that Nelson left the screenplay for this film in the hope of raising how many crores of salary in the next film.

In addition, Nelson has slashed costs on the production side. Sun Pictures, which has given the superstar a picture next to him, is now also considering whether to change that decision.

After all, it was Vijay who bought Nelson the chance to direct Rajinikanth’s film. But without thinking about it, he has given such a slip to Vijay on the pretext that he has got a superstar film.

Thus Vijay has now taken an actionable decision. He has strictly ordered his team to chase away anyone who comes to meet Vijay telling a story like this anymore.

And he also decides not to choose stories that give the hero a buildup so that such a critique may not come again. He has also decided to give prominence to the screenplay and the villain character should be White. Thus he is said to be in serious consultation with the director of the film he is currently starring in.

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