Let’s look at it with one hand .. 5 films in which Rajini triumphed without showing heroism

Superstar Rajinikanth, who made his debut as a villain and character actor in Tamil cinema, is now 71 years old and is currently starring in his 169 films in recognition of his hard work. In the few films he has acted in, he has only given importance to the story and as a mass hero he has shown heroism in it.

Voice heard somewhere: The film was produced by Panchu Arunachalam in 1982 and scripted by SP Muthuraman. Radha, Ambika and Telliganesh will play the lead roles to play Rajini as the protagonist. In this film, Ambika marries Rajini without liking him and then leaves for Chennai with her son, a village elder, in order to leave her newborn child and live a civilized life.

Radha is then remarried to take care of Rajini’s daughter Meena. Only after Ambika left for Chennai did she return to the city knowing that what she had done was wrong. But the village elders would push her away from the village. After that Ambika, who has been living alone in a hut on the outskirts of the town for 18 years, tells Rajini of her last wish that Rajini should do everything for me if she dies rather than at some point. After that Rajini will complete the Ema ceremony for Ambika against the village. Thus Rajini would have transformed herself in the course of the story and acted perfectly in this film without revealing herself as an action hero.

Johnny: Directed by Mahendran in 1980, the film stars Sridevi as the heroine and Rajini in a double role as Johnny and Vidyasagar. Johnny is involved in the theft business and is occasionally caught by the police. Singer Sridevi loves him. But Johnny thinks she is unworthy of accepting love because she cannot say her other side.

Thus Sridevi stops singing due to mental anxiety. Vidyasagar, on the other hand, who is rich, likes housemaid Bama and she plans to run away with another rich man. The enraged Vidyasagar blames John for killing her. After this, those who do not like Johnny think that Vidyasagar is Johnny, he enters Sridevi’s house, where Vidyasagar finds out Johnny-Sridevi’s love, makes a plan to put them together, and then Johnny goes to jail blaming all the blame on him.

Six to Sixty: Directed by SP Muthuraman in 1979, the film stars Rajini as the eldest son, who lost his parents at an early age, leaving his younger sister and two brothers unattended. At one point Rajini goes to a cottage with his wife and children as the brothers also humiliate their wives to disrespect their sister.

There Rajini writes a story while working on proofreading in a printing press. Before their story is published, their two children die in a fire and Rajini gets their sum assured. After this, the story written by Rajini was well received and comfort came. Then the brothers and sisters proudly say that Rajini is their brother.

Hand in hand: Revathi will be paired with Rajini as the heroine in the 1984 film directed by Mahendran.

Thorn and flower: The story of the film, which was scripted by Mahendran in 1972, was written by Umachandran in a series in Kalki magazine and was published at that time. In this film, Rajini is an unscrupulous businessman and is suspended for plotting by those who do not want him. Angered, Rajini gets drunk and crashes out of work. But the story of this film is how Rajini manages to bring her family back to the old status quo as she is in a dilemma of having to hold her sister’s wedding soon.

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