Lifetime’s Lethal Love Letter: Everything We Know


Directed and co-produced by Jake Helgren, Lifetime‘s ‘Lethal Love Letter’ is a thriller movie that centers upon Amelia, a small business owner who works diligently to serve her customers. Recently, she has been a target of online harassment and bullying by an anonymous follower, which she tries to ignore. However, Amelia’s life takes a surprising turn when the wife of her ex-boyfriend Mark asks her to reconnect with him before passing away. When the two meet, they immediately hit it off and rekindle their old passionate relationship.

Unfortunately, Amelia’s life spirals out of control after the responsibilities of the business fall on her assistant Becca’s shoulder and the online threats begin to increase. Amelia is left wondering whom to trust and realizes she will have to fight for herself on her own. The Jake Helgren directorial is captivating enough to keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. The film might also make you wonder about its origins, cast, or other details. In case you are looking for similar information, then we have you covered.

Lethal Love Letter Filming Locations

The thriller movie was filmed entirely in the state of California. Located in the western region of the United States, the Bear Flag State has some of the most iconic tourist attractions and filming locations in the world. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the cliff-lined beaches and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, there is no dearth in the diversity of the state’s terrain. California is proudly the center of the world’s technology and the film industry. ‘Lethal Love Letter’ was shot in the state at many locations. Let’s have a look at them.

Los Angeles, California

The principal photography for the thriller movie was done in Los Angeles. The production reportedly took place around August 2020, when the city was beginning to slowly recover from the first wave of the global coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the shooting probably took place with COVID-19 norms to ensure that the cast and crew were safe.

Filming in this part of the world hit a record low in 2020, which also meant a lack of employment opportunities for people involved in the industry. According to the FilmLA’s Television Production Report, about 198 television projects were indefinitely suspended in March, and the film industry also witnessed similar trends.

Although the filming did pick up in the last quarter of 2020, the months lost due to the nationwide lockdown ended up having a significant impact. However, Los Angeles ultimately recovered and once again emerged as the center of America’s film and television projects.

Lethal Love Letter Cast

Clare Grant essays the role of Amelia, the workaholic small business owner around whom the entire story revolves. The producer and model is best known for her role in the television series ‘GEGG WARS: Galaxy of Crime.’ Rick Malambri plays the role of Mark, Amelia’s ex-boyfriend, who comes back in her life after his wife’s death. You may recall watching him in ‘Step Up 3D.’

Krystal Ellsworth portrays Becca, Amelia’s assistant. She is famous for her work in the movie ‘Lucky Bastard.’ Michael Steger appears as Forrest while Leandra Terrazzano essays the role of Vicki. Other noteworthy cast members include Autumn Federici as Gwyneth and Julienne Irons as Detective Raines.

Is Lethal Love Letter Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Lethal Love Letter’ is not based on a true story. However, it does revolve around experiences that most people go through in their lives. Most of us can relate to the complexities of relationships these days, and there is a good possibility that we or someone we know has been lied to and cheated by their significant other. So, in this regard, the movie does closely resemble real-life.

Furthermore, according to a survey done by Pew Research Center, about 41% of American adults have reportedly faced harassment online. Although most of them have cited political reasons, there is a surprising spike in severe forms of harassment which has unfortunately intensified over the years. Another survey showed a similar worrying trend. According to it, women are far more vulnerable when it comes to online sexual harassment, and the percent of women who have to face it has nearly doubled in about three years from 2017 to 2020.

Online abuse is a global issue, and the horrifying reports from India is an example. The complaints received by the National Commission for Women in the months following the coronavirus outbreak almost increased five times, showing us a lot about the dangers of the online world. ‘Lethal Love Letter’ captures this very well, as it is also one of the critical themes of the film. Therefore, even though ‘Lethal Love Letter’ is not based on a true story, it portrays (albeit unintentionally) the conflicts and the grim realities of our day-to-day life.

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