Lockupp: Payal Rohatgi apologizes to Zeeshan Khan – I don’t hate any religion

There was a lot of fight between Payal Rohatgi and Zeeshan Khan in the lockup show. Payal apologizes to Zeeshan during a task. Payal was given a special task where she had to live next to Zeeshan. Then Payal apologized to Zeeshan and said “Forgive me if you have offended me about anything. I was provoked.

I like to try and fail but I will stop her if she does something wrong. I felt very bad yesterday when you called me Bimbo. You can agree or disagree with me as Kangana said the other day. But I was very sad. I have never been against any religion”.

Payal further said that “I live in a society where more than 90 percent Muslim families live. My image is being shown in such a way that I hate this religion. But I do not hate any religion. ” Then Zeeshan says “You said some such things which were not right for me. I don’t even know what you are telling me.”

Then Payal, replying to Zeeshan’s point, says that in the year 1947, India was partitioned. Where East Pakistan and West Pakistan became. All this should not have happened because we are all one. We must fight together against the West and not each other.

I don’t hate you What I am trying to say in my own way. Let us tell you that last week there was a bad fight between Payal and Zeeshan whether Halal meat should be banned in the country or not. Let us tell you that this show is being watched live a lot.

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