Loki Episode 5 “Journey Into Mystery” certainly made things get weird. The 2012 Loki variant (Tom Hiddleston) found himself in a strange realm at the end of time, where the Time Variance Authority has been dumping all its “deleted” variants and timelines. That wasteland was populated by an entire band of Loki variants, who had managed to survive true death and were battling for the mantle of leadership of the dystopia. One of the biggest players in the power struggle was “President Loki” (also Hiddleston) a variant who ran his own Loki gang, and was secretly in league with “Boastful Loki”

However, when President Loki’s gang goes up against 2012 Loki and his new allies, “Alligator Loki” sets the tone for the fight by biting President Loki’s hand off!

Needless to say, Marvel fans have thoughts about that bizarrely gruesome moment in Loki, and Hiddleston’s epic scream afterward!

Alligator Loki The G.O.A.T.

#Loki that one loki losing his hand to alligator Loki LMAOOO

— yvonne 🪐 (@houseofari) July 7, 2021

President Loki (or “Vote Loki”) ended up in a bad situation when he let the vicious Alligator Loki variant bite off his hand. Those who underestimated Alligator Loki will never do so again! 


Total Star Wars

Just learned that Vote Loki losing his hand is actually a tribute to Star Wars 😂😂 even better!!! 😍😍#Loki

— Shelley📖📺 (@Shells2991) July 7, 2021

President loki losing the same hand as anakin. Coincidence? I think not.

— classic loki supremacy (@NlMUEINWUDU) July 7, 2021

Marvel fans quickly noticed Loki shouting out Disney’s other big franchise property: Star Wars. Did you? 


More Doctor Who…

why was loki ep 5 a doctor who rip-off like im sorry but end of the universe? utopia? version of the main character losing a HAND? woooweeewooooooooooo pic.twitter.com/Ke8RbJSI1R

— lily⁷ (@lilyaimekiwi) July 7, 2021

Other Marvel fans watched Loki Episode 5 and got total Doctor Who vibes, for the reasons listed above! 


His Scream Tho…

#loki spoilers //

losing my fucking mind over the scream when alligator loki eats president loki’s hand PLEASJEJEJFJS

— willow 🌱 | check pinned. (@avatarellie) July 7, 2021

The scream that President Loki lets out when his hand gets nipped is now stuck in fans eardrums. 



loki spoilers









— esmeralda ♡ loki spoilers (@crierxayla) July 7, 2021

Whether you thought it was hilarious or horrifying, this moment certainly left an impression on viewers. 


For Real This Time

#Loki spoilers

President Loki losing his hand reminds me of TDW Thor

— helen ४ LOKI ERA (@helaesque) July 7, 2021

Remember in Thor: The Dark World when Loki made it seem like he cut off Thor’s hand? Karma’s a real B… 



Best. MCU. Fight. Ever.


i’m sorry but i am absolutely losing it at the thought of tom hiddleston fighting off this thing and having to pretend it took off his hand pic.twitter.com/FjJeSoDV6D

— sarah misses thor (@k2spoe) July 7, 2021

That Tom Hiddleston really can act his way around anything!