Loki episode 5 “Journey Into Mystery” took Tom Hiddleston’s Loki to the void at the end of time, where he found an entire league of Loki variants populating a dystopian wasteland. Indeed, Marvel Studios and the writer of the Loki episode 5 (Rick and Morty‘s Michael Waldron) had some pretty zany fun creating all kinds of (absurd) variants of Loki that have existed in the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse – from President Loki to fan-favorite breakout, Alligator Loki. In fact, Loki‘s lineup of Loki variants has become such a hit that the concept has gone viral on social media, as fans jump in to participate!

The hashtag “#OtherLokiVariants” has already become a trending topic on Twitter, and Marvel fans are doing hilarious things with it. Scroll below for a sampling of this unfolding meme game, as Marvel fans reveal Other Loki Variants that are lurking around the MCU!