LOL Enga Siri Paappom first impression: A binge-worthy comedy show


Written by Manoj Kumar R
| Bengaluru |

August 27, 2021 5: 22: 59 pm

LOL: Enga Siri Paappom is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video’s LOL: Enga Siri Paappom is comedy icon Vivek’s first work to launch after his untimely loss of life in April this 365 days. It’s a bittersweet feeling to search for him construct what he does handiest – attach a smile on our faces. The repeat offers us an example of the prospects that Vivek can hold explored thru OTT platforms. Now to no longer convey the attraction, the grace and the energy he brings to the repeat as its presenter. It furthermore danger to mediate of all of the jokes he by no design bought to issue or comedy skits larded with social messages that he by no design bought to operate.

Vivek’s expertise as a comedian would hold for lumber flourished within the age of streaming. And LOL: Enga Siri Paappom is proof of that.

The repeat’s structure is amazingly an related to Bigg Boss. A group of workers of 10 comedians must serene utilize six hours together interior a room fitted with multiple cameras. Each contestant is intently monitored by the two hosts. The pause prize of the game is Rs 25 lakh. And to preserve it, all of the contestants deserve to construct is knock out their fellow contestants. Mind you, no longer with their fist however with their uncommon wit. At the same time as great as a smirk, he or she’s going to be first proven the yellow card as a warning. And if the same person fails to control his or her facial muscle groups for the second time, he or she’s going to be proven the crimson card, which is a sports activities metaphor for ‘you’re out’.

What’s so enormous a deal about preserving a frown face for six hours and returning home a millionaire, ample? No. It’s regularly more straightforward mentioned than done.

We either laugh at a joke if it’s comical or laugh at the person that made that joke if it is gross. Either system, we are sure to laugh as soon as a joke lands. So it takes some serious self-restraint when Powerstar Srinivasan dresses within the costume of a Greek queen and tries to operate some version of belly dance. It genuinely takes some wide-human strength fancy Pugazh to no longer burst out in laughter whereas performing improv with Harathi Ganesh staring ample into your eyes, making hilarious feedback and voices, standing so shut it’s essential to to well seemingly feel her breath on you.

LOL: Enga Siri Paappom, which is co-hosted by Shiva, creates a ideally obliging ambiance for every contestant to prove their comedy chops. Each contestant is allowed to attach together their possess act and operate it in a technique they deem match. The repeat offers a free hand to the comics to play to their strengths with none restrictions.

Looking out at the repeat, that you can realise how inclined you are to humour. The contestants who bought out within the first few episodes had no idea that they smiled. Smiling is so pure and involuntary. Chances are the more sturdy you are trying to no longer laugh, the louder you catch yourself laughing. Contestants RJ Vignesh Kanth, Pugazh and Maya S Krishnan deserve a deal of mention as their mere presence makes the repeat more gratifying.

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