Look at Kajal Agarwal and change it .. Samantha posted in outrageous anger

Samantha is currently finishing her acting career in the Tamil romantic film Kathuvakkula 2. Directed by Vignesh Sivan, the film stars Vijay Sethupathi alongside Nayanthara and Samantha in a pivotal role. Recently the trailer of the movie was released.

In it Samantha is so glamorous and pretends to speak double meaning verse. Those scenes are currently the subject of much criticism. He has also acted in Telugu films like Sakunthalam and Yashoda.

Samantha, who has been active on social media since her divorce, continues to post many photos and comments but fans who view them continue to post comments trolling her.

More and more fans are currently commenting comparing Samantha to actress Kajal Agarwal. That is, Kajal Agarwal was married to Arvind Kichlu a few years back. Kajal Agarwal, who came to star in films after her marriage, got pregnant a few months back.

He recently retired from acting in films and recently had a baby boy. Kajal Agarwal is a great actress who gives importance to family after marriage.

That’s why they are now talking as if provoking Samantha that she has become a family woman with family and children. Thus the fierce Samantha has angrily released a post. In it he posted that there is a limit to my patience and warns fans that I will not leave those who violate it idle. His post is currently going viral on the internet.

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