Love Proposal for Archana’s Daughter! Check out Archana’s response in the video

Archana has been a popular presenter on the iconic screen.


He attended the Big Boss show when he was the lead presenter on Zee Tamil. Since then he has been appearing in Vijay TV shows.

Archana’s daughter Sarah has also become very popular on Instagram. His videos are getting good response on Youtube channel ..

Love Proposal for Daughter .. Archana Answer

In this situation, Archana’s daughter has received a love proposal on Instagram. While it is not uncommon for such a proposal to come up to those who are usually popular on the internet, it is Archana’s response that has kept everyone looking back now.

“Tell your parents to come and talk to me in 15 years,” Archana said. Here is the video.

He’s the one who got the most votes and knocked out the Big Boss Ultimate title!

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