Lucifer Season 6 First Look Revealed by Tom Ellis

Lucifer Season 6 First Look Revealed by Tom Ellis

A Lucifer season 6 first look has been revealed by series star Tom Ellis, in a new social media post. Ellis shared a photo of himself in character as Lucifer Morningstar looking dapper as ever while posing himself on Back to the Future‘s signature car, the DMC DeLorean. So will Lucifer season 6 see the titular anti-hero taking a trip through time? With his new status as God, Lucifer can arguably travel to any time or place, DeLorean or not. Is this just some kind of god-level flex by Lucifer? This first bit of insight into Lucifer season 6 is inspiring so many new questions!

At the end of Lucifer season 5, Lucifer made the ultimate sacrifice to resurrect his love, Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), after she died and ended up in heaven. Lucifer’s sacrifice redeemed his banishment from Heaven and he took over as God’s successor.

However, on a more personal note, things are now fully out in the open between Lucifer and Chloe in regards to their feelings for one another. Could this Lucifer season 6 first look actually be a preview of what date night looks like, with God?

Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have teased a tone for season 6 that could definitely culminate in the sort of photo Tom Ellis shared:

“Season 6, partly because of COVID, became a much more intimate season,” Modrovich said. “But also because we knew we had done this kind of splashy Season 5B, with a lot of spectacle, we didn’t want to try to top ourselves and just be empty action. So, we found the more intimate story for all of our characters, and a much more emotional one. We didn’t have to scrape to find stories for anybody. We just kind of dug to a deeper level with everybody.”

“Yeah. And though it is by far probably the most intimate season we’ve done, it also has the most expensive episode we’ve ever made,” Henderson explained to Collider. “So, we’ve still got plenty of spectacle.”


It’s hard to imagine an episode of Lucifer being both intimate and high spectacle – until you consider Lucifer taking Chloe out on the sort of intimate date that includes all sorts of budget-straining Easter eggs like Back to the Future‘s DeLorean. It makes narrative sense: Lucifer seems like the type to mistakenly think that his new power as God is what will impress Chloe – only to have to learn the hard way that all the “spectacle” won’t take the place of him truly opening up and be “intimate” with her.

We’ll see when Lucifer season 6 arrives on Netflix.

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