Madurai incident dug up again .. Big plan is ready to give a whip to Dhanush

Dhanush, who is at the peak of his cinema career, is now popular everywhere in Tamil, Bollywood and Hollywood. Meanwhile, Dhanush announced a few months ago that he was going to divorce his wife Aishwarya.

Since then, the superstar’s supporters have made many plans to give him a cinematic career. And sources close to the superstar told some producers that no one should give him a chance to try to destroy Sagittarius.

But none of them worked. All their plan was that Sagittarius could do nothing. He is currently starring in several films in Bollywood. So they are currently digging an old problem to give Dhanush a whip.

That is, Dhanush, the son of Kasturi Raja, is not our son. A couple from Madurai sued a few years ago. It shook the screen at the time. Dhanush came to the court and stated his case.

Currently, this is the case that Rajini’s supporters in Madurai have decided to dig up again and mentally attack Sagittarius. Moreover, many of the information given by Kasturi Raja regarding Dhanush is not credible.

So if you take this problem in hand Dhanush is definitely likely to suffer from depression. That is why the supporters of the superstar are currently working on the idea of ​​keeping this incident and whipping him.

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