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Mahesh Babu pushes Vijay back! Himalayan collections on the first day of Sarkar Wari Patta

Mahesh Babu’s Sarkar Wari Patta movie was released yesterday amid great anticipation all over the world. But the film has received rave reviews.

The film, starring Mahesh Babu and Keerthi Suresh, has been hailed by many critics as following the same formula as usual.

First day collections

Regardless of the reviews, the first day of the government-sponsored Patta film is a Himalayan collection spear. It has been officially announced that the film has grossed Rs 75 crore worldwide on its first day.

While Vijay’s Beast is said to have grossed Rs 72 crore on its first day, now Mahesh Babu’s has grossed more than that.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the stock gained Rs 36.63 crore on the first day. Here is the full details by area ..

  • Nizam- 12.24cr
  • Ceeded- 4.7cr
  • UA- 3.73cr
  • East- 3.25cr
  • West- 2.74cr
  • Guntur- 5.83cr
  • Krishna- 2.58cr
  • Nellore- 1.56cr
  • AP&TS Day1 Share: 36.63Cr

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