Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s father is ‘still not convinced’ on his biopic: ‘I feel they cannot depict him as it is’


Telugu star Adivi Sesh, on Friday, paid tribute to the martyrs of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Adivi will describe the role of Main Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who used to be martyred on the road of duty throughout the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, in an upcoming biopic titled Main.

Here, the actor used to be in conversation with Main Unnikrishnan’s fogeys who shared recollections of the younger Unnikrishnan and how they reacted when there had been talks a few movie on their son’s lifestyles.

His father, Okay Unnikrishnan shared how even though he believes that Sesh and the movie’s director Sashi Kiran Tikka would operate justice to the movie, he is quiet now not convinced.

He mentioned, “I am now not convinced quiet. I’m in a position to leer some precise efforts. I maintain more perception in Shashi Kiran Tikka than Adivi Sesh. I am hoping Shashi used to be right here. He’s there. After I gape the movie, then (I will) give a certificates of 100 percent, till then this would possibly maybe occasionally presumably well well also be 70 to 80 percent. The shoot is over and the free up is announced, so enable us to leer. I maintain seen Sandeep, I am his father. I am his critic, I am disciple, he used to be my mentor, this kind of personality. He used to be my son.”

Main’s father also shared, “There are a dozen of us that spoke the the same ingredient about making a movie on Sandeep both on phone or in particular person or by any individual else. After they came I took it as one of such claims, I didn’t desire to commit anything else. I feel they can now not depict Sandeep because it’s a ways, it’s a ways now not that it’s most likely you’ll also factor in. For that matter, any biopic is now not going to bring out anything else 100 percent. We must be essentially the most we can move. I am now not criticising the efforts, he (Sesh) is terribly precise. I maintain now not seen his work, I don’t desire to, I desire to leer Main.”

While Main Sandeep’s father is quiet sceptical about his son’s biopic, his mom Dhanalakshmi Unnikrishnan is taking a discover forward to the biopic. She mentioned, “After Sandeep went, there had been so many of us that came to us for a movie to be made. After 10 years, Sandeep’s CO (commanding officer) told us a movie must be made on him. I told him who will likely be there factual love Sandeep and then Sesh and the team came to us, they came to fulfill us so in total. Then we determined to maneuver ahead with the resolution to make the movie. Sandeep used to be a movie maniac. I feel Sesh is a accurate actor.”

Adivi Sesh, who has also written the memoir of the movie mentioned, “I feel it used to be predestined. For somebody who had no passion that a movie must be made on him and that time they rep to make a movie and factual then I name them for a movie. Uncle would inform it’s a ways now not that it’s most likely you’ll also factor in to operate a movie about 31 years in about a hours.”

“My purpose used to be to fancy this man, his soul, how he reacts to a snort and I would in total name uncle and aunty on how he would react, I started taking into consideration more and more about him. My conversation, bond, lumber with then used to be about Sandeep than making an unlimited situation, operate an unlimited action sequence,” Sesh added.

Sesh also shared how throughout the lumber of making Main, he has change into very conclude to Sandeep’s fogeys, and would purchase to “continuously be there for them”. He mentioned, “Uncle has in total requested me what happens after the movie, he is corresponding to it’s most likely you’ll presumably well overlook us after the free up. It grew to change into my elementary responsibility and desire that I will continuously be there for them, beyond the realm of the movie, promotions, free up approach. The purpose is to be a household.”

Main, also starring Saiee Manjrekar, is directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka, is produced by Mahesh Babu, Sharath Chandra, and Anurag Reddy. The movie will likely be released in Telugu and Hindi, alongside side a dubbed Malayalam model, in February.

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