Malavika Mohanan bends her body like a bow and does a workout .. See for yourself

Malavika Mohanan

Actress Malavika Mohanan made her acting debut in Tamil with the film Betta. Before her debut in Tamil, she also acted as the heroine in some Telugu films.

It was through this year’s release of Master that she made her debut in Tamil cinema as a heroine. Also, his recent film Maran with Dhanush was released live on ODT.

Following this, Malvika Mohanan is currently playing the lead role in the upcoming Bollywood film Yudra.

Workout photo

Malavika has an army of individual fans for herself on the social networking site, which is why she is constantly posting various photos.

Malavika is currently going viral among the fans by releasing a photo of herself curving her body like a bow and doing a workout.

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